About Us and This Blog

This blog was started by two book nerds in hopes of befriending other book nerds and comparing our experiences and opinions with various books. Also, this blog will include writing activities and comparing ideas to further each other’s writing talents. There will be posts and pictures of book halls, book reviews, and book tags. With the writing activities, we will be playing with the Rory Story cubes. Each week we will roll the dice, and each object that is rolled, needs to be included in the short story or poem you write. We will be posting one as well. One of us will be concentrating mostly on book reviews while the other will work on the writing projects. If anyone has any questions or concerns about your writing and just wants someone to glance over it, feel free to email us at booknerdsunited96@gmail.com. Also, the writer, is extremely obsessed with Harry Potter, Criminal Minds, and various other fandoms, so sometimes the writing projects will be fandom based. We apologize in advanced.

*Picks up a mic. “testing, testing” * (Was that too cheesy? I don’t really care. 😊) Hello fellow book nerds, my name is Mandi. I am 21 years of age and I am an aspiring author. I love reading Young Adult novels but I am open to reading outside of that range as well. So, if you have any recommendations please let me know! I am currently not going to school or anything else important so I decided I wanted to start a blog but didn’t want to be alone on this journey so who better to join me than my best friend. Who on this platform will be going by the name of R. Lynn. *Passes the mic. * (I told you I didn’t care)


As Mandi said, I will be going by the name R. Lynn on here. I am also 21 years old and I’ve been writing on and off for almost half of my life. I always dream of someday getting my work published, but until then I will be sharing my writing and favorite reading materials with you fine people. I am more into books with romance, but I can read just about anything if it catches my attention. Really exited to meet you guys and I hope we’ll all have fun on this journey.

P.S. If my writing sucks, part of the blame goes to Mandi since she’s my editor, just saying.