Weekly Roll #15

Hey book nerds 🙋🏼I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. ❤️ I thought we could switch up the weekly roll this week by doing a poem instead. I tried to write a narrative poem but I’m honestly not sure if it’s any good 😂 As always, you are welcome to share your stories too and any criticism helps. 😊
I once read about this compass

That is said to lead you,

In the direction of your hearts desire.

I need only to follow the arrow

To find my real identity.

I was led to a cavern

That held a locked book.

I just need some time

To find the key

That will unlock the book

So that I may discover how,

The fire hidden in my soul,

Can diminish the shadows in this world

As always, 

Read. Write. Create.

Mandi ❤️


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