Weekly Roll #13

Well guys, this week’s story isn’t a series or anything. It’s just short and sweet and includes all 9 items. Let me know what you think. In case you are new here, I will link the guidelines down below. 🙂 


Weekly Roll Intro



When we were younger, we spent the entire day playing scavenger hunt. We’d meet up at the old abandoned fountain and stand in front of the worn, engraved plaque. Flip a coin and if it landed on heads, we go right, tails meant we went left. Then we’d roll five dice and that would be how many steps we take in each direction. We started out with metal detectors and shovels, but then we would take turns hiding each others things and following the map that we made for each other.

Liam and I were always attracted to adventure. When we were worn out from treasure hunting, we’d take a nap in the field near the old abandoned firehouse that stands just behind the fountain. When things at home got too difficult, that’s where Liam would find me. We built a fort in the old loft in the building and stayed there during the nights I couldn’t be at home. We’d take flashlights and camp out in our fort.

When we got to middle school and joined sports teams, we would train with the old weights left behind in the firehouse and help each other each our goals. High school, however, is where everything changed. Things at home reached its boiling point and one drunken mistake at a party resulted in an unexpected pregnancy. Things were really emotional and I couldn’t stay at home, so I moved in with Liam and his family. He ended up getting a full ride football scholarship after graduation and took me with him. I luckily found a job, working with his cousin in a small clinic. With my grades and extracurricular activities in high school I was able to get a scholarship as well, even though it didn’t pay for everything it still helped a lot.

Even with everything going on in our lives, Liam never missed an ultrasound or doctors appointment and we was there holding my hand when my beautiful daughter was born, he even cut the cord. After everything we’ve been through growing up, it took him claiming my baby as his own and helping me through the last nine months that made me realize just how much I truly loved him. After getting her settled in the tiny nursery at home and looking at the rainbow, bumble bee and flower mobile hanging above her crib that Liam made, I couldn’t help but fall for him more. They’re was never a time in my life that he wasn’t around and looking out for me. He was there every step of the way.

It’s been two years since our daughter, Heidi was born. A year since the adoption to legally make Heidi Liam’s daughter was finalized and since he asked me to be his wife, and six months since our wedding. And now in another six months, we will be welcoming another addition to our family. Love is always there, even if you’re too blind to see it.


Week 14 Dice:

week 14

As usual, feel free to write along with us and share your stories. We would love to see what you are creating. ❤

Read. Write. Create.

R. Lynn



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